You can pay for the chosen package all at once or do two payments. In case of payments the deposit must be paid in 14 days after registration is confirmed. Second payment deadline is October 19.  Your application will be banned if we don't get your deposit in time and additional 5$ fee applied if you book your spot again. 

ВНИМАНИЕ! С 21 сентября 2021 г. останавливается прием заявок! После 21 сентября выбранные номинации, мастер-классы, музыкальные треки и выбранные композиции из списка песен НЕ МЕНЯЮТСЯ! 

Competition participation is ONLY available in case of purchasing packages Maxi, Midi, Mini or Junior. Please kindly check out all packages info at the PRICES section. Package owners can separately purchase any additional contest nominations or workshops that are not included in the package. 


Special offer for groups: you can attend the contest without buying a package!


Please, click REGISTRATION FORM button and fill in the application. You will get confirmation email and all detailed information about payments in 2 days.

Take your chance to register with our Early bird offer! Prices for packages depend on date so don't hesitate and hit that button NOW! :)

NB! Only the payment of any fee is a confirmation of your registrations as well as knowledge of regulations and its acceptance. Please kindly  send photo or printscreen of the check/bill  to to confirm your payment, unless your application will not be considered valid.

Please note that PRE-registration for festival is strictly required.

Each category has a limited number of participants. If there are no available places anymore the participant is added into the waiting list.

ALL Music must be sent to our email at till November,19 on an MP3 file with name of contestant, category and specific information for the entrance (on/off stage) mentioned. For example, Ivanova Maria Beledi-Shaabi A1 begginers. Please have back up music for each routine ready on hand.

Those who perform at the contest with the live band should pick up the song/music from the list and mention it in the registration form OR send it separately to not later than November 19.  There is a chance to chose ANY song strictly before October, 15, after only from band's list.

NB! November 19 is a deadline, you cannot register, change your package,

nomination, workshops or change music after that date!

I100% Refunds are possible only in a few cases, including unexpected illness or injury (hospital confirmation required), military actions, death of the close relatives and natural disasters.  If you close for some personal reasons, you can transfer your package to any other person or get partly refund (excluding money transfer fee):  

till September, 15 – 50%
till  October, 15 – 30%

till  November, 15 – 10%

The venue of the festival :

Russia, St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Smolensky PR., 12, JenaviClub (entrance from Pineginа str., 4)

1-3 October