Dear participants of the MiraMar festival!
By tradition, we offer you an exclusive nomination, which is part of our amazing  gala concert!



Competition participation is ONLY available in case of purchasing packages: Maxi, Midi, Mini or Junior.

Please kindly check out all packages info at the PRICES section. 

Package owners can separately purchase any additional contest nominations or classes that are not included in the package.

This category is to be performed to live Egyptian orchestra and should consist of 2 parts, for example:

- classical song (or megance) + solo tabla

- classical song (or megance) + Baladi drum solo

- classic song (or megance) + folklore (Saidi, Iraq, muwashahat)


Participants can choose ANY song strictly before October, 15, after only from band's list.

NB! Songs cannot be repeated by dancers.​

Your performance must be up to 7 minutes.

MiraMar Crown category is eserved to professional dancers or dancers with sufficient stage experience to dance to a live band. Minimum age requirement is 16.


There will be TWO winners, chosen by our master teaches KHALED MAHMOUD and AIDA BOGOMOLOVA.


Each winner will receive the following prize awards:

  • elegant tiara made by designer  Lyudmila Terrie

  • jewelry set by JadaSTUDIO: Bellydance Fashion atelier

  • FULL PASS  for the next "MiraMar Festival" 2020

  • gala show performance at "MiraMar Festival" 2020

  • professional contest video

Judges will make constructive comments for each participant!


1-3 October